CU students play an integral role in the planning and execution of the CWA. There are numerous ways to get involved and to rub elbows with some of the world's brightest minds.

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Year-round Volunteer Opportunities


The Committee for the Conference is composed of CU students, faculty, staff and local community members, who serve together on various subcommittees. The seven subcommittees that work on planning the annual program are organized by broad subject areas as follows:

-Human Condition
-International Affairs
-Politics & Media
-Science & Technology
-Student Perspectives

During the fall semester, subcommittees work together on recruiting new speakers (40 percent of invitations), as well as deciding which veteran participants to re-invite (60 percent).

During the early spring semester when the invitation process has been completed, subcommittee work focuses on drafting possible panel sessions, which are based on the topics suggestions that participants submit. The CWA does not have a pre-set agenda but asks the participants to inform the planning committee what THEY want to talk about.

Student volunteers are welcome to participate in any (or as many) subcommittees as they would like—or may decide to only attend the student group meetings. Meeting schedules for each subcommittee can be found here.


The CWA is one of the most well attended events by students on campus, with over a quarter of the 77,000 audience being students. But we never stop working to increase student participation and to let CU students know this event is for them! For opportunities to become involved in student outreach and marketing, please contact cwapress@colorado.edu

Conference Week Volunteer Opportunities


Student volunteers provide transportation to and from Denver International Airport, as well as to local events during the week. The Conference utilizes University of Colorado vehicles, so it is not necessary to own a car to be a driver! Driving the participants is a great opportunity to have fascinating conversations with some truly remarkable people.


Each participant has a CU student volunteer assigned to them as an "ambassador." The student ambassador offers to act as a point of contact during their stay in order to assist and answer any questions that may arise—and also gives the participant a commemorative CWA pin. This is an excellent ice-breaker to meet and open conversation with a participant.


For each panel session, a student or community committee member is assigned to work behind the scenes to coordinate logistics for that event. This includes introducing panel members to the moderator, leading them from CWA headquarters to the venue and ensuring that the session's physical needs are in order (microphones are working, water is available, name cards are in place). The producer stays in the back of the venue throughout the session to make sure everything runs smoothly.


The colorful international flags lining the main walkway through Norlin Quad is a sure sign that CU's annual rite of spring—the Conference on World Affairs—is back! The student volunteers who assemble the flags and then put them up each day take special pride in the brilliant visual display they create—and the impact it makes on the tens of thousands who pass through the Quad that week.


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